“It all started with the simple, yet awfully cliché, idea of starting a travel blog after a backpacking trip. I was in awe of the world around me; the beauty, the injustice, the distinctions, the sameness. Years later, the idea of sharing my experiences never left and I seemed to have the great fortune of being surrounded by brilliantly creative people.

Encouraged by their diversity, sense of adventure, and individual talents, the premise of Quarter Section quickly evolved. They were the experiences and voices to share. Everyday they inspire me, so it is my hope that they will do the same for others. “

- Jeremy Reay, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Our increasingly globalized and technologically advancing world has made communication nearly instantaneous.  We are able to connect with another person half the world away with the dial of a number, the click of a 'send' button or the switching on of a video screen. The planet has effectively shrunk with the speedy transmission of information.

No longer do we only engage with the people that physically surround us.  We have the power to share with thousands of friends and strangers all over the globe.  The ability to find strength in a collective voice.

Quarter Section provides a soapbox for socially conscious, imaginative minds to voice their opinions, share their experiences, and showcase their talents.  We are a group of young and progressive Canadian writers, artists, thinkers, travellers, and professionals who share our stories and thoughts on the world around us.  This is where we mark our plot on the digital landscape.